Art & Hobbies

Art & Hobbies

Pursuing arts & hobbies at home using 3D printers is both fun and challenging. Making DIY sculptures and different art forms using the 3D printers can make you feel better. It gives them the freedom to take any of the artistic hobbies and convert into a real 3D model at the convenience of your home. Moreover, you could also repair the broken things and at best replace them yourself by making the same model in the 3D printers. 3D scanners could also be used to replicate the existing model and create a new one to be used in the house or as a gift.

An art is followed by passion, and if combined with 3D printing resources, it will have amazing results. The new-made models could also be used to monetize yourself as you can sell them in the marketplace for fair pricing. The use of 3D printers in the arts sector is done by professionals to an amateur. It can be used for passing the time or as a serious professional endeavour. Whatever is the use of the result with the 3D printers is always beautiful and satisfying.

Many art colleges are using the 3D print technology to train their students in doing design and creating beautiful art piece like sculptures, miniature models, etc. there has been a significant rise in the use of 3D printers in arts and hobby as more people are getting to know its benefits.

Benefits of 3D Printers in Arts & Hobbies

  1. Easy customization: AutoCAD software is free and usable by people through a little training. Many CAD software is available online that can easily integrate with 3D printers and can produce the design that is fed to them. The designs can be customized based on a variety of features, including the geometry, size, colour and more. The models could be used to decorate the house or even to sell homemade items.
  2. Freedom of design: 3D printers give the freedom to experiment with designs and edit them as necessary. There are very little limitations on manufacturing, and the models could be a replica of your ideas, which holds no bound.
  3. Economic for hobbyists: One of the chief concerns regarding buying 3D printers for a hobby is the cost. But it should be noted that 3D print technology works on the principle of additive manufacturing. Hence, the costs can be variable depending upon the types of material you are using. In the long term, the cost of producing the item at home should be lesser than buying it from outside.
  4. User friendly: Products that are made through 3D printers are user-friendly and depend on the designer. You should use environment-friendly materials for building your prototype, which would last longer and would be safe for our earth also. Due to customizability, the products are durable and user-friendly.
  5. Unlimited possibilities: Humans have always defied limitations, and their ideas have been used to make novel inventions. With 3D printers, you have a whole world of opportunity to dream and test your ideas. Convert them into 3D prototypes, test them and modify them to make it better. Perfection comes with practice, and as you start investing more time in your idea by making it real, you will reach your final goal. And no one knows if the idea is validated, it could be converted into a full-grown business model.

Some Applications of 3D Printers in Arts & Hobby

  • Printing wall decorations: Get an aesthetically designed wall decoration which can make your home/ office living heaven.
  • Sculptures and miniatures: 3D printers can make small miniatures and sculptures of gods, your loved ones. These moortis can be used to decorate your home temples and living room.
  • Home decor: Imagine being able to start manufacturing your home items/ furniture. The vessels, vase, table lamps and many more all at the convenience of your home. With 3D printing home decor items, you are your own interior designer.
  • Design your jewellery: Especially for all the ladies out there, you can easily print a beautiful necklace or any other jewellery of your style. Just get on the CAD software and start designing.
  • 3D artworks and toys: Make your children fall in love with the stories and the 3D artworks by showing them how to create one. Lithophane lamps, lithophane photo frames and customised bobbleheads can be made through 3D print technology.
  • Artwork for display exhibitions and gifts: Get a huge fan following by showing the world your creative designs in the form of 3D models, miniatures and sculptors. You can also gift beautiful models to your colleagues and loved ones.